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Clothing created to provide medical care to children in Africa

Dress up a New Opportunity!

The word Akara comes from an African language called Fang and means “caring”.

We will launch a crowdfounding campaign to solve together a big problem that exists in the world, the lack of healthcare for poor children. The objective of the campaign is to have enough resources to create the garments through which we will achieve our goal of helping children have a new opportunity, a new life.

The project is carried out in collaboration with the Martínez Hermanos Foundation and with a team of professional doctors from the Plastic Surgery Service of the Doctor Negrín Hospital (University Hospital of Gran Canaria). An expedition to Equatorial Guinea will be carried out with them to treat children in social exclusion and with health problems.


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A medical visit, a new opportunity

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A garment for you, a medical visit for them.

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