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Clothing created to provide medical care to children in Africa

Dress up a New Opportunity!



The word Akara comes from an African language called Fang and means “caring”.

We will launch a crowdfounding campaign to solve together a big problem that exists in the world, the lack of healthcare for poor children. The objective of the campaign is to have enough resources to create the garments through which we will achieve our goal of helping children have a new opportunity, a new life.

The project is carried out in collaboration with the Martínez Hermanos Foundation and with a team of professional doctors from the Plastic Surgery Service of the Doctor Negrín Hospital (University Hospital of Gran Canaria). An expedition to Equatorial Guinea will be carried out with them to treat children in social exclusion and with health problems.

Clothing created to provide medical care to children in Africa

A medical visit, a new opportunity

Support a brand with a purpose

Getting over one's limits

Unique comfort and design 

A garment for you, a medical visit for them.

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Hi, I'm Wilfredo Asumu

My friends call me Will, I was born in Africa, Equatorial Guinea to be precise. 20 years ago I asked my grandmother for permission to play football with my friends. As is typical of grandmothers, she didn't give me permission, yet I ran away and went to play.

Minutes after starting the game I broke my knee, I was shocked, being a child and I didn't know what to do. Unfortunately, my grandmother did not have the resources to pay for any medical assistance.

That moment changed my life, being 11 I lost part of the mobility of my right leg, and something that could have been cured in 1 week or a month remained for a lifetime, affecting me physically and mentally for years.

Thousands of children live the same situation every day, so I promised myself that I would look for ways to prevent more children from living the same as me.

A few years ago I found in sports the best medicine for my injury, when working the muscles I improved mobility and the pain decreased.

This is how I decided to combine my passion for sport with the opportunity to help other children in the same conditions that I lived. That was how AKARA, a sportswear brand with the social purpose of helping children in Africa to receive medical assistance, was born.


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